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Camtasia Pricing: annual?

Apr 14, 2010
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A few years back I had Camtasia for a while and enjoyed it. But when I'd first purchased the license it was supposed to be in perpetuity, and then they changed to a subscription model, which irritated me. Looking at their current model, it looks like you can buy a Perpetual option, BUT with the caveat that you have to buy the Maintenance yearly,"which means you'll get a FREE upgrade to the next version of Camtasia when it releases". Am I correct this is basically saying, "you can own the license but have to pay to actually upgrade every time your OSX updates"...?

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Jul 17, 2009
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Most companies are moving to a subscription model to generate continual revenue. A one-time price makes it hard to sustain a business since folks tend not to upgrade unless forced to. Switching to this model means that you spend less time coming up with motivational features that force an upgrade, rather just continual improvement.

In this case, it looks like you get the perpetual license for a single time charge, but any updates/upgrades puts you into a lower subscription price. You can also opt out of it, but you will end up having to pay at some point when the OS upgrades makes the app not work or whatever.

It's interesting to see what each company does with this but all traditional software bundles (Office, PhotoShop/Creative Studio, for example) have switched to this system.

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