Calendar syncing failure

May 7, 2010
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Yesterday I discovered that something my wife had put in her calendar wasn't in mine. My first mistake was to try sharing. That only resulted in everything being duplicated on her calendar.

This morning I noticed that my Calendar list was showing an out of date User name. It turned out that this was the problem. In Settings/Internet Accounts there was no sign of my iCloud account only the out of date e-mail account in top spot (also listed further down) but message said this was not the default account. I tried putting in the iCloud account but got a message to say that was already running even though it wasn't visible.

I deleted the out of date account at the top and added the iCloud account and everything back to normal now after undoing sharing.

I guess this problem relates to the fact that, when I originally set up my iCloud account I had to supply a non-iCloud e-mail address and that became my User ID. iCloud now recognises both my iCloud and non-iCloud e-mail addresses in User name.

This is hopefully a one-off problem but, in case anybody else has suffered a similar experience, I offer this thread.

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