Buying a Untouched Macbook

Aug 19, 2014
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Ok for a long time i would like to own a macbook so i took the plunge now i'm not looking for anything advance i do not game from a laptop because there is no point when you have a mac pro at home i found i really didn't need the latest o.s on it i can stand to use snow leopard and even lion if i had to so today this is what i purchased

Macbook white A1181 (macbook 4,1)

160 gig hard drive

2 gig's of ram

original macbook restore disk's complete (10.5.8) (Again not concerned because i have snow and lion and i can use SFOTT if needed)

And the original magsafe power supply

for 199.00 ($222.00 with shipping)

Now this hasn't been upgraded easy to tell because most people would place more then 2 gig's of ram because they would notice a speed difference)

Now here are my plan's

1. I want to remove the cd drive from this model and replace it with a second hard drive will this model boot from USB so that i can do this or am i basically up ship creek without a paddle???

2. This is the model with the intel gma chipset am i correct on this if so will this be able to handle these applications.

Iwork 09 (Bought a brand new copy from a pawn shop had never been opened and still had the apple sticker on it from the apple store great find for $19.99)

Photoshop CS2 ( i own a legal copy of this as well i understand i can run this on snow leopard but with the larger hard drive setup i am planing on dual booting the stock o.s 10.5 and use 10.7 for newer stuff)

final cut studio 7 (i own this as well it works great on my older macintosh collection will the macbook be able to handle it )

this is pretty much it on the software front of things

Now on the hardware front of things

Does anyone have a link to a affordable cage to put a hard drive into for the cd drive slot.

most i have seen are 40.00 + shipping and thats steep for a drive converter

By the time i am done with this the system specs should look like this.

Macbook white 13.3

4 gig's of ram

1. 1 TB hard drive Dual partitioned to run both 10.5 for power pc apps only and 10.7 for newer stuff

1. 500 gig hard drive for storage of files and projects

So for 222.00

is my expectations ok for this machine or am i totally up ship creek without a paddle???

for my first macbook i would like to know??

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