Buyers Beware Of Old Scam From New Country



I am a user of ebay, and I sent a message to this person asking about this auction. She replied with the following: Read from the buttom up. I edited only my name and email from the messages. If you notice she never once did send me the link to her ebay auction or her ebay account name. That is what puzzles me, I think the person I originally asked the question must have gave my email address to her or him to have them ATTEMPT to scam me.
The bottom line is: If it sounds to good to be is. This computer is $2999 for the normal person and $2699 if you are a student.

From: Suzanne Newell [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wed 3/3/2004 7:48 PM
To: noirluispher
Subject: RE: POWERBOOK G4 1.33GHz 17" DISPLAY

Hello again and thanks for the fast response,

Apple PowerBook 17" SuperDrive Technical Specifications:

* 17-inch TFT Display
* 1440x900 resolution
* 1.33GHz PowerPC G4
* 512K L2 cache
**** 512MB DDR333 SDRAM
* 80GB Ultra ATA/100
* ATI Mobility RADEON
* 9600 (64MB DDR)
* Backlit Keyboard
* Gigabit Ethernet
* FireWire 400 & 800
* AirPort Extreme built-in
* Bluetooth built-in
* DVI & S-Video out

l will ship via UPS but you can choose another mail carrier .lt
usually takes 48 hours until the package arrives to your door. l will
cover the shipping and insurance costs.I send all my packages
having written on them "display unit, no comercial value" or as a gift
so you don't have to pay any additional taxes. (VAT included)
l'm a serious seller with more than 2 years of experience in
this field.
During this period l learned that the best deals are closed when the
risk involved is minimum.
You will arrange payment through western union (
I have something safe for you because I want you to be sure that
you will receive the product and I hope we will colaborate in future
too because I want to develop this bussines as soon as possible.
Look what I can do for you:
-you will make the transfer to my location but not to my name(you will
use your best friends name for example as receiver's name) so you can be
sure that I will not pick up the money until you get the product.So
you make a deposit at western union and you will
give me the transfer's details (SENDER NAME,RECEIVER NAME,MTCN) so I can
check that the deposit was made.
After I verify I will send you the package imediately and email you the
tracking number from UPS.
-only after you will receive the product and check it if it's ok you will
have to change the receiver of the transfer to my name so I can collect my
money.So until you will have the package in your hands the money will be
deposited on your best friend's name at western union agent.
I think it is better to not inform western union that you will change
the receivers name in a few days because it is possible
they to ask you to pay the fees twice also when you go to an western
union office to make the transfer, please don't tell there the reason for
send the money because here in Holland I must pay somes aditional taxes
when I receive the founds(you know busines with electronic...),Please say
you send the money to your friend or to your partener.
My old buyers ofcourse make the transfer at western union direct to my
name which is easier and I will be happy if you can trust in me but
because it is our first deal I proposed you this very safe and efficient
method so you can
only deposit the money first and after you get the product to allowed
me to cash it.
Western Union company have offices in every bank, postal
office, big store or airport from your town.
Transfer the payment using your credit card via
phone calling 1-800 CALL CASH service of Western Union
that is a free of charge phone number and is available
24 H a day.
Probably this payment method it is not very familiar to you but since I
am in Holland(where is a lot of byrocracy ) l have used it for many
times and each of my customers being satisfied and l have to admit that
it is the most efficient process to go through.
In case you'll change your mind after receiving the package and want to
cancel the order you'll ship it back and retreive the money from western
union. Also in case the delivery does not arrive on time please email me and
I'll contact the mail carrier.

Here is my name and adress you need for the western union transfer:

First name: Suzanne
Last name: Newell
Adress: Ijsvogel 58
3602XR Maarssen
Email me asap.
Best regards.

>From: noirluispher
>To: "Suzanne Newell" <[email protected]>
>Subject: RE: POWERBOOK G4 1.33GHz 17" DISPLAY
>Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 14:13:42 -0500
>How do I pay for it? How much ram is on it?
>From: Suzanne Newell [mailto:[email protected]]
>Sent: Wed 3/3/2004 1:29 PM
>To: noirluispher
>Subject: RE: POWERBOOK G4 1.33GHz 17" DISPLAY
>If you will ask me how I can offer you such a good price here is the simple
>truth: I have a very good friend who work for a charity foundation in
>They receive many items monthly from donations from reach people or big
>corporations. They resell this items, at a very low price. I bought this
>them and now I sell with a resonable profit for me.
>Anyway if you have more questions don't hesitate to ask me.
>Warm regards
> >From: noirluispher
> >To: "Suzanne Newell" <[email protected]>
> >Subject: RE: POWERBOOK G4 1.33GHz 17" DISPLAY
> >Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 08:14:34 -0500
> >
> >That price is TOO good to be true. Can you send me the link to your ebay
> >auction please.
> >
> >noirluispher
> >
> >________________________________
> >From: Suzanne Newell [mailto:[email protected]]
> >Sent: Wed 3/3/2004 7:54 AM
> >To: noirluispher
> >Subject: POWERBOOK G4 1.33GHz 17" DISPLAY
> >
> >
> >HI there and thanks for your interest in my auction.
> >I have one POWERBOOK G4 1.33GHz 17" DISPLAY ready for imediate shipping
> >we can reach to a common point.
> >The computer is brand new still in original box unopened.
> >It is perfect compatible to USA standards(110V) but has a power addapter
> >for
> >higher voltages.
> >Warranty is 1 year international transferable(International
> >Transferable Warranty - this means that you can go to any authorized
> >service center and you will be provided with free professional assistance
> >concerning whatever problems you may have.Also the items come with The
> >AppleCare
> >Protection Plan.The warranty is original 1-year Apple warranty and is an
> >add-on program to extend your current Apple warranty to THREE FULL
> >So if you are interested in buying one package we can make a deal.
> >My price for this machine is 1399 USD and includes shipping and insurance
> >cost.
> >The shipping will be made from Holland and you will receive your package
> >two days.
> >I will wait your answer as soon as possible since I have many interested
> >customers.
> >Warm Regards
> >
> >Suzanne
Jun 11, 2003
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Mount Vernon, WA
Your Mac's Specs
MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM OS 10.5.2
I would definitely report her to ebay.. without thinking twice about it.


I already informed EBAY. I will keep you posted. But it appears that "Suzanne" is using an alias, so she might be hard to track. Hopefully, Ebay will check all the "too good to be true" Apple Powerbook auctions and investigate them.


Anytime I see "Pay by Western Union" on an E-Bay auction - for anything - I run far, far away.


noirluispher said:
OT - Sang how much did you pay for your Powerbook?

I bought it from The Apple Store at regular price with the 5400 HD. Then I bought the extra 512MB of RAM from Memory X. They have good deals. I've spent the last three weeks auctioning off a ton of stuff on E-Bay - a lot of it from my defunct desktop PC - and have recouped nearly $2,100 of the total cost. Made the wife very, very happy since she was getting a little tired of me upgrading my computers every two years or so.


Good deal. Thanks for responding. I am currently auctioning items now to make money to get that very same one. I hope to have it by April. Peace.


.ebay buyers beware of foreigners.

.the same things happened to me except it was fo a canon GL2 for 1500. he lived in spain though.

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