Buy memory online, any shops that will ship to overseas?



I need to buy 2 PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SDRAM 512 Mb sticks for my eMac. Anyone has got any idea about where can I buy them on the internet?

The thing is that I live in Latin America, but most hardware stores don't ship internationally (the prices seem tempting since one of those sticks here would be around $200). Anyone has had any good experience buying memory or MAC hardware online internationally? Please give me some URLS.

By the way, what memory make should I get? Recommendations?

Thanks again
Jul 21, 2003
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Right now, seems to have some of the better prices and they offer high-quality memory. They'll also ship to Latin America (at least, that's what the web site says). The "memory selector" on their home page is pretty useful, and ensures that you get compatible RAM for your system.

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