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Busted old monitor...



well ive got this POS compaq monitor that i was using as a second display on my powerbook, but all of a sudden it stopped working...but occasionally worked when u hit it in the right spot. Now it just wont work at all. I think its a short. Think its safe for me to open it up and see if i can find anything wrong? any suggestions? ive got nothin to lose here so ill try anything really. I was actually thinking of throwing it out of a 10th story window or running it over with a steamroller, but i thought i might try fixing it first.
Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
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Yeah, I'd try fixing it. Sounds like a lose connection


witeshark said:
Yeah, I'd try fixing it. Sounds like a lose connection

but is it safe to take it apart? ive heard theres alot of voltage running though there...even when its not plugged in.

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