Burning DVD's getting Sense Code = 0x03, 0x01 error


Feb 10, 2007
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Hey there

Im trying to burn a Video_TS folder in Toast Titanium 8 and i keep getting this message at different times in the burning process "HARDWARE ERROR
Sense Code = 0x03, 0x01" and then some other jumble. and then it says the disc was failed to be written and it ejects and i gotta throw it away cus its useless and not blank anymore. Ive lost about 6 dvd's so far trying different things, I have dent marks in my walls, from getting mad and throwing failed DVDs accross the room into the wall. I also tried Popcorn and it gave me the same things. Ive even put my tried all the different speeds of burning. I'm just lost now and dont know what to do, pLease if anyone has ny idea o what to do, it would be soooo much appreciatted . Thank you in advance. Guess well i'm waiting i'll re-plaster the wall lol.

Oh yeh im using Memorex DVD-R 16x 4.7gb 120 min. but as i said i've tried burning at different speeds.
Oct 27, 2005
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G'day DjViral & welcome to Mac-Forums.

The solution to your problem starts with you cooling down.

Restart your computer, when computer chimes during restart, press and HOLD these keys: "Apple+Option+P+R". Continue to hold all four keys and wait for the computer to chime three more times, there is a small interval between each chime as it is resetting the video memory and something else.

After the 3rd chime, you can release the keys and start up as normal, test your DVD burner again and see if it's working.

If you are still having problems I suggest you then test the drive with Verbatim or Apple media. It very well could be that the drive's firmware doesn't support the brand of media you are using.

You can see user reports about your media by inserting a blank DVD and choosing Disc Info from the Recorder menu in Toast. In the window that appears there is a link that takes you to a videohelp.com site where people submit user comments about different brands of media.

I know it might sound a bit wierd, but stranger solutions have solved problems ... please keep us updated with your progress..


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