Built in iSight Camera stopped working on my MBP

Apr 14, 2008
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Hey there,

I just got a new MacBook Pro about a week ago. The iSight built in web-cam has been working fine for the past few weeks. I haven't used it in about a week now, and when I tried loading it up in iChat, Photo Booth, and Skype (all on the Apple OS), it doesn't detect it. I restarted the computer in windows xp(I have bootcamp), and Windows doesn't detect it at well. In the system utilites on the mac os it doesn't show up under USB devices either.
So far I've tried taht restart where you unplug the battery and AC and hold the power down for five seconds, but that hasn't worked. I also tried to re-install Quicktime just in case that did something, but it didn't.
Since it isn't showing up in either Windows or Mac, should I assume it got unplugged or something and take it to the Mac store? It's under warrenty, right? Does anyone know if it's an easy fix? I have finals coming up and will need my computer.
Thanks in advance.

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