BTMM - Back to My Mac Issues

Mar 3, 2013
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Hi all;

I'm running a MacBook Pro, Mid 2010 with OSX 10.10.2. I've recently started having issues with BTMM which I use from work to connect to my web server at home. Network connection is wired Ethernet to a DSL modem and switch at about 6 mbit/s.

Lately, BTMM will not start, or will start and then disconnect. If I restart it I usually get a message telling me to turn off BTMM, restart the MacBook and restart BTMM - which rarely works.

The modem supports UPNP which is required. Once in a while power cycling the modem will restore the BTMM connection, but not consistently.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of issue and can offer specific fixes?


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