Bronze Keboard - Keyboard Tab Issue



I opened up my keyboard by pulling back the two little tabs left and right top of the keyboard and it opened fine. I did here some funny sort of click, thought something had fallen inside. Then when I went to close it up I found that the center tab, just above the number 5 key was stuck there, stopping me from closing the keyboard all the way down into place. it moves around a little but won't budge. Is this tab meant to move in some way, because i see the slot it's suppossed to fit in on the keyboard, but I can't see how it's suppossed to get in there what with the need to FIRST slot the lower tabs at the bottom of the keboard, then lower the top down while pulling back on the left and right tabs. how does the middle tab work. I'm tempted to just cut the thing out of there, especially as i'm suppossed to take the unit out tonight.
thanks a bunch for any input.
Nov 17, 2003
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15" Ti PB G4 867MHz 1GB RAM 10.4.6
You need a small screw driver, or a sharp fingernail. The small circle on the center tab, has to be twisted one way, and then back again after you put the board down as to lock it.

I am surprized no one answered this earlier.

Do not break it.

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