Broken LCD! Please Help!!

Mar 23, 2007
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Powerbook G4 15" 1.5Ghz
I have a 15" aluminum Powerbook that recently sustained a slight blow and now has a display issue. Earlier this week the laptop slid off my couch(approx. 18") and crashed back hinge side into the hardwood floor. When I turned on the computer, I could barley make out the desktop icons.

It was obviously a backlight issue caused by the fall so I did a little research and came to the conclusion that it was likely the inverter board that was broken. Much to my surprise I was able to get to this part fairly easily and was able to locate a new replacement, and proceeded to change the part.

Much to my dissapointment, this did nothing and I can only assume the CCFL backlight part is to blame, which to my understanding means I'll have to replace the whole LCD screen. It seems the inverter is working correctly because the screen seems to dim (power saving) after a couple of minutes of non-use.

Does this sound correct? I'm prepared to change the LCD if I have to, but I just want to make sure there are no other (less expensive) options and I don't want to purchase a screen only to find out that it wasn't the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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