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Aug 27, 2008
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i would like to figure how to broadcast with any program, easier the better, like i would have been able when i had winamp, without using parallels. please help.

EDIT: I've taken the liberty of snooping around for the past 2 hours and have discovered the program Nicecast. this is the one stop easy solution for those who wish to broadcast and play.i've downloaded the latest version and i've discovered an answer to my (and another's) problems, here is a simple step by step guide for voiceovers, the getting started section in the user guide is more than enough to get you to this point, this part is simply the Voiceover explained (idiot proof)

1. select the Effects tab and open the effects window, there will be a window with blank spots that say "click here to add effect" along with other GUI's on the left side. do not close this window.

2. click Nicecast (at the top of your screen, not on the window)>About Plugins

3. once your in the plugin window, scroll all the way down to the Voiceover option, they're all in alphabetical order

4. Click and drag the Voiceover plugin into your Effects window where it says "click here to add effect"

it is now ready to be used. Your voiceover plugin is now displayed in what was once an empty box, there are two knobs on it, and two buttons, one says editor. This is the only button you need to know about. click it.

The voiceover feature can be used in strict on/off settings for your stream in the way that one moment your music is playing, then it is replaced 100% by mic input. the defaults that are selected when you start keep it at this setting. by troubleshooting for about... 10 sec, with a friend, that you can start the crossfade, then slowly turn your itunes onboard volume down, which also lowers the music on your radio station.

To prepare for a Crossfade

1. you begin by sliding your bar all the way to the left.

2. click start quite a bit ahead of when your song will end (10 sec. is usually fine)

3. when your song is ending you may slowly slide the bar to the right to cause your station to slowly fade out while your input fades in. this provides a professional feel to it that is fun and easy to use. at the same time you may also slide your itunes volume down to make it disappear almost entirely or just keep it nice and quiet.


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