brand new epson 1400 stopped working...

Jan 31, 2010
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I'm running OS X 10.4.11 on a powerpc G5. I bought a new Epson 1400 printer two weeks ago, and it worked great for printing CDs, documents and everything for a week and a half. Then, for no apparent reason, the jobs stopped. I'd restart the queue, then it would stop again. I have done all sorts of things to fix the problem, with no good results. Most recently, I:
-turned off the printer, and disconnected it from the computer and the wall, and let it sit for an hour, while I:
-completely uninstalled all of my epson software, and threw anything else I could find related to epson in the trash, and emptied it
-opened up Disk Utility, and repaired all permissions
-shut down the computer
-restarted it, and turned on the printer, without connecting it
-installed all epson printer software
-THE CATCH: at the point where the installer asks me to connect the printer, I do, then it asks me to add it to the printer list using the printer utility. I click add, and I get "error -9672." Every time.

I NEED to use this printer for work purposes, and I'm getting really frustrated. Please help!

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