Bootcamp on MacBook Air without optical drive

Feb 3, 2010
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I would like to install WinXP via bootcamp from a .dmg disk image onto my macbook air without resorting to using an optical disk drive. Is this possible?

Googling seems to indicate not, but I want to check on these forums before I give up.

Yes it is a legit copy. I purchased and installed WinXP via Parallels inorder to run Excel (I have the mac version also but its horribly broken compared to the windows version) but I don't have enough resources to run it properly. However as a result of installing WinXP on Parallels I created a .dmg disk image of the WinXP cd. I'm now travelling and no longer have access to an optical drive.

Meanwhile can I complain about the awful state of Excel on macs?
The pivot table function is missing key functionality like handling numerical data including dates. There is no simple shortcut key for editing a cell. The interface is a horrible mix of all the wrong elements of Office 2007 and 2003/4 or whatever it was called. Spreadsheets with 160k lines and 20 attributes crash the program as well as the OS regularly (Excel is designed to handle 1M lines and thousands of attributes - maybe not at the same time). The solver function is missing and needs to be added in via third part software and routinely crashes. The application is in general *very* slow - you can watch it updating calculations which my Intel Atom CPU Eee PC can easily handle.


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