boot problems with imac g3 crt

May 18, 2007
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hey guys,

I am not very familiar with IMAC g3 or apple products and I am fairly new to this forum, anyhow my problem started when it just freeze at a white background with the apple logo in the wont go further than that...a friend told me that to press the button on the side of the crt (w/c resembles an inverted triangle of some sort) while booting....but it will take me to a command line....I tried typing mac-boot but it still goes back to the same problem (stuck on the white screen w/ apple logo)....perhaps I downloaded the wrong upgrade of some there anyway I could get pass this seems like i hit a dead end....

important notes:

by the way i think my os is 10.4....i downloaded itunes for intel based mac ...and the writings b4 i get a command prompt says Power Mac....

I dont know what to do now...can sombody help?


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