Board Update 05.12.2003

Oct 27, 2002
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Ok, we have added a lot of functionality to the board, and made some changes, so I would like to address them here so that everyone can make use of / know of the changes.

1. Thread Quick Reply Box - This has been available for about a week, and it works very well. It is located at the bottom of every thread. You can use the bbcode IE , and it will get parsed.

2. PM Quick Reply Box - This has been available for a few days. This is basically the same as #1. It allows you to reply to your PMs without having to reload a new page. Very handy!

3. 10 Most Recent Searches - On the search page you will find a list of the 10 most recent searches performed by our members. This is useful and interesting. It gives you a chance to see what other people are interested in, and also educates you on the different ways other people make use of the search. I know I've learned a lot by looking at other peoples searches.

4. Last Thread in Forum Display - You can now see what the last post was in each forum form the main page. This is very cool, and let's you know what is going on forums that you might not read on a regular basis.

5. Gallery - This is a big one. We have integrated a photo gallery into the board. You can access it either by clicking the (outdated link removed) button up top or by choosing a specific gallery from the main forum listings. This is an on going project and things will probably change. But please feel free to upload pictures to our gallery. There will probably be a formal set of instructions and rules for the Gallery at some point, but we haven't gotten there yet. Please keep posts PORN & ILLEGAL ACTIVITY FREE!. If you violate this rule, you will be banned. This is a common sense issue. Please try to keep the board clean and available to all ages.

6. Graphical Changes - There has been a few graphical changes to the board. You will notice that everybody has a label image on all their posts. Also, we have updated the images to let people know who is online. On your posts, on the bottom line, there is a dot towards the left. A red dot means you/they are online and a grey dot means you/they are not online.

7. Search For User Posts - You may have noticed that next to the username in everybody's posts, there is a little magnifying glass. This icon lets you search for posts made by the current user. Check it out, it is really interesting!

That is all. I will keep you informed of updates and changes as we progress.

Thanks for being a member of!

Please post any comments / concerns in the suggestions forum.

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