Bluetooth connection. HELP!!

Jul 26, 2008
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OK so I'm trying to send editted songs from itunes on my MacBook to my LG Verizon chocolate cell phone, so that I can use those music files as ringtones, since I don't wanna pay for ringtones (such a waste!).
So I used the Bluetooth connection and managed to pair my MacBook with my cellphone. But I can't send any image files or music files from my MacBook to cellphone. It says that the file type is not supported. I really want free ringtones!!! Not the pre-made ones, but the ones you can edit (choose a specific part of the song and stuff..)
Any macbook savvy people here to help me?!?!

My email address is: [email protected]
You can even add me on msn or something if that's easier.

-Hailey :p

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