Blueberry iBook 300Mhz, and Linux Distros



So I recently purchased one of the Blueberry iBooks from ebay. Mostly I'm going to be using it for misc typing and web surfing. Since I do not have any versions of the MacOS, this being my first mac. I wanted to put a linux distro on it. My first choice was going to be Yellow Dog Linux. So in anticipation of getting my iBook I downloaded and burned the CDs. So I got my laptop on Thursday and since then I've been troubled by trying to install a OS on it. I've gone through about 15 differnet discs, even different colors and even a CDRW as someone suggested to me. So I tried all these discs and each time it was differnet, for the most part they wouldn't even be recognized. I would get the folder icon with the flashing question mark. Though a few times it would boot up and get me to the boot prompt, with a list of options. And it would do that on some of the discs that wouldn't be recognized as bootable.

At the boot prompt I would type install, or whatever it would want me to do. On the YDL disc it would give me a bad sector error. I also tried Mandrake's PPC, this one I had a little more luck. I could acutally get into the install, but only using one option. So I would go through the install get to the package select and then it would start but crap out after a few packages. So I can't figure out if the iBook just doesn't like my burned discs or not. So I ordered Panther today and it should be here in a few days. Of course if that doesn't work I'll be at a lost end.

Some things I noticed, it usually got me to the boot prompt after I had walked away form it. Maybe because i' wanted me calm or something. Or sometimes I would open and then close the CD ROM and it'd work.

So my questions: Is my CD drive fubared? (Of course I won't make the assumption until I try with Panther which should hopefully be by next tuesday.) Or does the drive just not like burned CDs?? Also if it's fubared how difficult is it to replace the drive?? (I would return it but due to some problems with UPS being morons and the people I bought from not wanting to hear my sob story.) I have no problem opening it up and replacing it. Also how difficult is it to replace the HDD?? I bought a 30 gig HDD and would to put that in. I noticed the "star" shaped screws any special kind of tools??

Thank you for any help.

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