blocked plug ins & more - Mac OS 10.6.8

Apr 3, 2015
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I have an old iMac that was recently upgraded to OS 10.6.8. I have been having a lot of trouble with the computer ever since. Right now my scanner won't work in my All in One and I can no longer view videos or the content of some websites. I get a blocked plug in message constantly. I tried to follow instructions I found on the apple site that said to trash the blocked Flashplayer plug in and download the latest version of Flashplayer or was it Adobe? I'm really really techno stupid... When I tried to install what I though was the latest version from my dowload folder, I got a message saying it could not be installed because a newer version was already installed. SO I tried to download a new version from the web but there were so many choices I thought my brain was going to explode...

Any help anyone can provide would be REALLLLLY appreciated... Thank you! I Thank God there are people like you who understand this stuff... :)
Jul 24, 2013
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Ohio (USA)
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2023-14" M3max MBPro, 64GB/1TB, iPhone 15 Pro, Watch Ultra
Let's try to fix the flash player first. Since I don't know what you have tried to install and what files are still lurking we need to uninstall old versions first.

1. Download and run the Flash Uninstaller from:

Now install for the new version:

2. Download and install the latest non 13.x version of Flash (I had luck with from:

Post back with how it went.

Also if you want scanner advise more information is needed. Specifically what year and model of iMac, how much memory, size of hard drive and remaining space on the hard drive. Also name and model of your scanner.


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