.BIN file won't open



Hey y'all- quick question:

I've downloaded a fairly large application file that has the extension .bin... the problem is, it won't open. My G5 tries using stuffit expander, then declares that it must not be compressed and does nothing more with the file. In case the extension might have been changed, I've tried changing the .bin to .sit and .zip, but neither of those work either (what extensions am I forgetting to try?).

Does anyone know of a way to get at the contents of this file? There must be some way, as it's a pretty popular file for swapping. (Incedently, changing it to .cue does nothing, it just changes itself back to .bin).

I'm pulling my hair out here. If anyone has ANY ideas, please let me know!




from my knowledge of bin files...

they are accompanied by .cue files i believe? (havent used em in probably 3 years)

but the .cue file is very small.. while the bin is quite large...

you take these files, and can make them into a disk image.

soooo i suggest you look up .bin converters or extractors or something... or maybe a burning program that burns from .bin... (nero used to when i used .bin/.cue files on pc a while back i think)

the .bin file is made to be burned i do believe

hope this helps...dont go searching around for the .cue file though...i may be mistaken about that....


There is a .cue file!

I have a .cue file of the same name as the.bin file! And yes, it is tiny (as in less than a meg). So... I know I must sound incredibly inept, but I'm fairly new to mac- how would I go about using the cue file to create a CD image?


In ur case the .bin + .cue files are a CD image, which you can use to burn.
But then I'm a newbie from the PC world, so what do i know.

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