Beta Solitaire Testers needed

Mar 24, 2007
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Hi! Recent convert here... Let me start by saying waaayyy back in the olden days (mid-late 90s) I bought a nifty shareware program that had maybe 100 or so games of solitaire. Stats tracking, a large library of games and a decent interface made spending $19 pretty easy.

I never did find a better replacement for that solitaire game, it's made the jump to every new pc I ever put together or purchased. So here we are 10 years later and I don't have a pc anymore. It was crushing to not find my favorite time waster available for mac.

Today it has 650+ solitaire games, and there's an upcoming mac beta that I've signed up for. The author has a deluge of xp testers but needs many more Mac testers. So if yer interested check out the site at The list of games to be tested is at

If your interested in becoming a beta tester just email [email protected] with "MAC Beta Test" in the subject line and tell him Sixpak sent ya.

Sixpak was my username from eons ago :)

Let me know how it goes!
Jan 8, 2005
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New Jersey
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Mac Pro 8x3.0ghz 12gb ram 8800GT , MBP 2.16 2GB Ram 17 inch.
yes thanks for letting us know!! I'll check it out soon, but I really should be getting back to work.

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