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best software to convert formats for use in fcp7

Jul 5, 2007
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Hi, I'm having problems with long rendering times in fcp7. I am working with footage from various cameras, all of which have different video formats (mp4, mts, mxf). I tried the brorsoft video converter for the mts files and they look great and run smoothly in FCP but when I convert the mp4 files with brorsoft, they seem to lose quality. What converter software is best for converting mp4 for use in FCP? Obviously I'm looking for something where I won't lose quality upon converting. And what are some recommendations for editing different video formats within the same project and timeline in FCP7. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Nov 15, 2009
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Have a look at Handbrake. It's free and works with a variety of video formats as long as the files aren't copy protected.

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