Best scheduling, client database solutions for online small business?

Feb 21, 2010
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Hello, first time posting!
Plz bear with me :)

I am currently building a website for a small business on Dreamweaver CS4. I've built many websites before but this is the first time I've encountered these particular requests:

1) To have customers schedule appointments from the biz site
2) Calendar: to manage customer apps and employee availability
3) Build small client database
4) Build small employee database
5) Privacy features: Member access only with user/pass

Now, I have done my research and have come across many options such as well... writing the code/scripts myself which I must admit is beyond my capabilities, using DW extensions or online services like GoogleApp$,, etc.

I'm wondering if any other more experienced web devs here have either used any of these services mentioned above with good results or have found a solid, reliable and of course -affordable- solution for this.


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