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Best deal around on 15" PowerBook G4 with SuperDrive!



OK, I hate having to do this but. I need to sell my 15" G4 PowerBook. It's the one with the SuperDrive. This is the current one that Apple is selling. I purchased it at the end of Jan. 2004. I also have Office X and have sent in the paperwork to get the free upgrade to Office 2004. In the package I have a Backpack that has never seen my Powerbook so it is brand new. I also purchased the Apple 3 year protection plan for this computer.

Included software: Halo, Rainbow Six 3, Missing Sync for Syncing a Pocket PC and for Palm ( I know this is different software I have them both), Symantec AntiVirus and Personal Firewall, Salling Clicker, Marcomedia Contributor, and two different Blogging software titles. OH and I forgot Intuit's Quicken 2004 and KeyNote.

If that was not good enough I also have a brand new Apple Airport Extreme that will be included.

I know this sounds to good to be true however, I can provide receipts for all software and hardware. Also I can send photo's to interested parties.

Although I have not posted much here, I can provide proof to make sure this deal fgoes smoothly. Also I will require a phone conversation with any parties wanting to discuss this. This will help protect both you and me. Please let me know if you have any questions you can reach me at coreymcl @ mobileminds.com, just remove the spaces.

Updated information

PowerBook Specs
15" G4 PowerBook
15.2 inch TFT Display
1280 X 854 Resolution
1.25 GHz Power PC G4
512 K L2 cache
512 mb DDR333 SD RAM
80 GB Ultra ATA/100
ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 (64 MB DDR)
Backlight keyboard
Gigabit Ethernet
Firewire 400 & 800
Built-in AirportExtreme 802.11g
Built-in Bluetooth
DVI & S-Video out

Retail price $2,599
Apple 3 year Protection Plan retail $349

Software that came with the PowerBook or I have purchased
Apple 10.3.2 has been upgradted via apple download to 10.3.3 (Included)
iLife suite (Inlcuded)
Apple KeyNote retail $99
Macromedia Contributor retail $149
Symantec Anti-Virus and Personal firewall retail $99
Intuit's Quicken 2004 Retail $59
Mark Space Missing Sync for Pocket PC retail $39.95
Mark Space Palm OS sync retail 34.95
Microsoft Office X Full version and have filled out the paperwork to get the free upgrade to Office 2004 when released in a couple of months. retail $500
Halo retail $49.95
Rainbow Six 3 retail $49.95

Other accessories
Apple Airport Extreme Apple Store Online
Retail $199
Back Pack for PowerBook Apple Store Online
Retail $179

So I have spent over $4400 on all of this total. There are a few more software titles I am forgetting about I'm sure.


I'm asking $3400, which as you will see is about a $1000 loss for me.

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