Belkin USB Hub Installation Problems??



I have had a belkin usb 4-port hub for my g3 ibook a couple of years now.
(Model number F5U101) I have had an external keyboard, modem & my digital camera dock plugged into it so far and never had any probs.
Occasionally I have had to reinstall it which is pretty straight forward but tried recently to no avail?
I think I am installing it properly but have lost the instruction manual. I get to the stage where only 2 out of the 3 lights show on the front panel but neither works anyway when I plug equipment in?
I have checked the power adapter and the light on it glows dimly and occasionally there is a crackle sound coming from the hub which doesn't sound too healthy! Maybe the unit or power supply is faulty?

Can anyone suggest anything to sort out my problem?


I'm using the same hub. There is no real installation procedure, you plug in everything and it should work. Either the power supply is failing or the hub itself has developed a fault. The fact that you have only 3 lights showing - there should be 4 green lights plus a red light indicate that the hub is defective. I found that even with the power supply disconnected the hub will function normally as long as there no heavy power demand by one of the usb devices.
In either case quit using it now. I don't know of any practical repair and given the low prices on hubs now I would just buy a new one.

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