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Battery\Recharge question



Hello agian

Is it okay to keep charging ur battery as u use it even if its charged already? Is it bad for the battery, as in when u take it off you won't get to use if for many hours afterwards, as in your battery life dies more quickly becuase you over charage it? Just something i heard...

Also, does your battery get wasted if you just have ur iSight plugged in, but you are not using it?

Alrighty thanks you guys, i know i ask a lot of questions.. lol :-D


Leaving the battery in the notebook when the power adaptor is plugged in won't hurt the battery. You don't need to take it out every time it's done charging.

I don't own an iSight, but I'm certain that almost every USB/Firewire peripheral connected to a notebook will draw power from the computer even when it's not in use.


As long as you have the iSight turned off, it pulls almost no power. There is current going to it, but almost no draw on that power.

This after I hooked up a multi-meter to it.