Battery Dies at around 30%

Sep 8, 2007
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United Kingdom
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13" MBP 2.3Ghz i7 32GB 1TB | iPhone XR
My macbook battery works fine right up until it reaches around about 30% and then the computer just turns off, no warning no popups nothing, I've tried calibrating the battery which was quite a challenge because I had to wait for it to die at 30% then take the battery out start it up with the power adapter in so it wouldn't charge then put the battery in and take out the adapter (it didn't start with the battery in and no power adapter) and it ran for a few minutes and then died and I kept repeating this until it reached 0% and slept as soon as I pulled the plug when it was showing 0% then I left it for 5 hours and then plugged it back in and it charged from 0 to 100% normally, when I ran it on battery the next day it died again at 25% but when I plugged the adapter back in it said 0%. I've calibrated it twice in 3 days now but still dying too early. Also the lights on the battery still have 2 lights on when it dies.

Any ideas?

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