Batch workflow, and Cloning

Jan 30, 2010
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Hey guys I have a bunch of photos to edit now (about 1000) and I figure it's going to take a REALLLLLY long time to do this all, but then I realized, "Hey, I'll batch some of this!" So I came up with a preplanning batch chart, that goes like this.

For each photo, a large high res TIFF, I must
Open the photo in the Unaltered Photos folder > Convert to workspace
Duplicate layer
Clone and heal the blemishes and others
Apply Surface Blur
Erase the spots of surface blur that are to be noticed
Save as PSD (possibly)
Apply dodge on the products to sell, make em shiny
Curves on the image to boost saturation and brightness, make look kind of tanner. Or Selective Color.
Save as TIFF with embedded color in the Altered Photos folder

Now, my question is, can I rearrange the steps slightly, so I can batch everything together and then only have to fix the blemishes and acne, or will this change the final results?

Should I do the color correcting first, or fix the imperfections first, save them all, and THEN batch action them??


Thanks! (Sorry this post is kind of rushed)

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