Basic 15" rMBP late-2014 and WoW

Nov 1, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I am looking for advice regarding that laptop and its performance in WoW.

I have just been to Apple retail store where they let me test it out on that specific laptop. I played WoW from my USB stick.

No matter what I did the FPS (in a non busy area) was around 50 (that is everything on low and resolution on 1440x900), when I increased something, resolution or details (even just to fair details and resolution by 2 levels), the game started lagging (not internet delay), it was like a picture slide show. (WoW was beautiful on the highest resolution and even just Fair/good details)

Please, I am considering buying this laptop, but this really worries me. (Do not tell me to get a windows gaming laptop, I am aware of that possibility)

Could anyone tell me if that is a normal rMBP 15" basic performance while playing WoW?

Possible reasons for the lagging (I repeat that I have barely any knowledge):
1. Internet connection was ****e, downloading was 200 kb/s. Could that be the problem?
2. Employee told me that the laptop is running 2 users at that moment. Both of them have the operating system running (while one is obviously in WoW). Could that slow it down that much?

Thank you for any ideas,
Have a great day!


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May 20, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
2017 15" MBP, 16gig ram, 1TB SSD, OS 10.15
I played WoW from my USB stick.

Thank you for any ideas,

Playing WoW from a USB stick is most likely slower than if WoW was actually installed on the computers internal storage. How much better/faster is hard to say.

- Nick

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