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Backup HD Image



I have posted a similar question a few months ago when I was a new iMac user.
Now that I have had a chance to use my Mac - I would like to re-ask my question as I now feel I am better able to understand your replies.

I wish to clone - or copy - my HD as a backup that I can then restore if needed. I have a G5 iMac, 512 meg Ram, 160 gig HDD. What are users' views on CCC, Tri-Backup and SuperDuper for my requirements? I have briefly tried all 3 but without partitioning my HD I found that they all took a considerable amount of time. Is this normal?

Also - when I am ready to clone my HD - how do I make my backup image into a bootable CD?

Thank you in advance.
Oct 30, 2004
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ccc is carbon copy cloner, its good, but the scheduling is all screwed up, and it can at times get stuck on invisible files, I have moved to using deja vu, super duper is ok, the problem with all of these is you back up to an external hd, not a folder on that hd, so there are invisible files all over it that you can't see or delete, I prefer the optoin of saving to a folder on my exernal hd so if I need to, I can delete that flder, deja vu does this, its fast, its a system preference pane, easy to use, and free.