Backing up programs help

Apr 26, 2007
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Hi all, I'm relatively new to mac's so bear with me.

I recently purchased a second hand iMac from a friend of mine, it's one of those pretty new intel models. The only thing that came with it was the keyboard and mouse, he'd already gotten rid of the software : iLife, his CS2 package and everything else had already been sold to someone else. I was wondering:

Short of having the iLife cd and the Creative Suite 2 package cd's, is there anyway I can copy the install files and other pertinent files to a disk or something so that I can make a backup of the important software on the computer before I re-install os x to wipe the computer, short of using an external hardrive since I don't have the money. . There's some personal file on here of his that I'm sure he'd rather me not have so wiping it is my main goal.

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