Backing up and synching MAIL/iCal/Address

Jan 11, 2007
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Been a Mac Pro owner for two months now.

Love my Mac so much that I purchased a MacBook Pro.


I want to back up all my MAIL/iCal/Address Book settings on
my MAC PRO and move them over to the MacBook Pro.

So the first question there a utility that you can back
all that information up and easily transfer it over to the MacBook?

Once I do that....

What is the best way to continually synch all this information
between the two computers?

I do have a 1-year subscription to .MAC so perhaps that is the
best way for now -- but I'm also interested in alternative ways
should I give up my subscription.


Generally, with the software that I purchased for my MAC PRO
(and I purchased about $200 worth), can I use those programs
on my MacBook Pro as well? I realize this may differ from program
to program, but I am sort of wondering how many people have had
no problem doing so?

Thanks, in advance, for the help!

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