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b/w3 450 processor, ATI 128 video, RAM, DVD, etc



hi all

I have recently upgraded my blue & white G3. So, I have a lot of G3 parts I'm looking to sell!

The following are available or under bid:

Original Blue&White G3 450MHZ Processor

Original Blue&White 32x CD-ROM Drive

Original Blue&White ATI Rage 128 Video Card PCI

Original Blue&White 56k Apple Internal Modem (in box, never opened)

128MB RAM (4 sticks; assorted brands)

16x DVD-ROM/40x CD-ROM Lite-On drive

Kritter USB Webcam

Promise Technology Ultra100 TX2 Card

Like I said, I have already gotten bids on select items on this list. However, I will entertain other offers and questions, because I haven't closed any sales yet.

All products can be seen here:


Please email me at [email protected], let me know which item you are interested in, and we can talk price.

thanks so much!

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