B&W G3 and LaCie 120 GB hard drive issues



hey there, I am relatively new to Mac (working on my aunt's G3) and I am trying to upgrade it. We bought a LaCie d2 firewire hard drive. according to LaCie, this drive works with OS 8.6 and 9.x as long as the drivers are installed. I installed the utilities in OS 8.6 but the machine froze when I connected the drive to it for the first time. the machine freezes every time I plug in the drive, then I have to turn off the drive AND unplug it for the G3 to unfreeze. I upgraded to os 9.2.2 and I am having the exact same problem... The drive works flawlessly with a G4 (OS X) powerbook. I thought that the firewire driver version was too old, but with the upgrade to os 9.2.2., the driver version is 2.5 and according to LaCie, that should be sufficient. after reading another forum, I think that one possibility is that there are other firewire support extensions working against the LaCie firewire support extension. I still have to check this. Are there any known issues with B&W G3's and built-in firewire? or are there any issues with OS 9 and firewire. or could it be that the drive requires a specifically formatted partition to work with the G3? could a firmware update of the firewire bridge do the trick? any help would be much appreciated, its a business computer (it puts food on the table)

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