Automator or applescript to autofill from contacts?

Nov 10, 2014
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I am thinking this should be easy, I have various forms and correspondence that I must generate for every client, sometimes multiple times over.

I was thinking of a workflow application or service, that would take specific information from my contacts or from a signup form and insert it into the various letters, papers and forms I should generate.

So best case I could make a form to have new clients fill-out on intake, this would generate a vcard and add it to my contacts with basic info such as name, email, address, phone number, DOB, place of employment.... Then would be able to run a workflow or script and have some of this information automatically input into a boilerplate document.

For example intake form would give me card then in automator "get contact information" then use the contact information to autofill a form and replace the values but keep the formatting of the target form, for example my contract...

{firstname} {last name} hereafter referred to as THE STUDENT agree to the following terms set forth in this contract....

..... {firstname} {last name} agree to go paperless and receive my monthly progress reports and receipts of payment at {email} but understand that in the event that email is undeliverable one notice will be sent to {address}....

Any ideas? How would I build such a system? Is this possible in apple script and automator?

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