Automator issue with "permissions"

Jan 5, 2010
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Hey all! I'm a new mac owner as of August 09 and absolutely adore everything so far. I'm surprised how much you and a mac "become one". lol. Anyways, here's the background to my question.

I'm not OCD but close. I like my desktop to have only essential things on it "HD, External HD, etc" and not pictures I drag from the internet etc. I've thought about it for a while and decided to make a workflow in Automator, that would allow me to drag files from the internet to the desktop, and then automatically send them to another location. So far, it works great...except for one thing. It will only redirect to my "user location" (Tom) etc. I can't redirect the newly-dragged-documents to "pictures" or "HD" or anything...

My error message? "You do not have permission", I then get prompted to "get info" on the location I want the files to be redirected to. I'm not sure what to edit here though. The permissions are all "read and write", and everything seems like it should work. I just want to make a folder called "Desktop stuff", a place where I can sort it out later, while having a clean desktop.

So question: What should I do? Is there something obvious I'm missing? I need help from the pros :) thanks everyone

Have a great day

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