Automator did not run with Yosemite-Fixed

May 6, 2012
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I discovered a Yosemite 10.10.2 "bug" which prevented me from running the app. But here is what you have to do to make the app run. Quite simple really. It is actually a security feature which prevents apps from running unless it has permission. Unfortunately Automator does not give you a meaningful error message to tell you WHY it will not run.

In Yosemite new apps will not run unless you give them permission in System preferences.
Any time you alter the app, even to change the speed of execution, you have to do this again.

Open System Preferences
> Security and Privacy
> Unlock the padlock with an administrator password
> Select Privacy Tab
> Click Accessibility in the left panel
> Click the + sign and find the app that wouldn’t run
> Check the box to give it permission

To create an Automator script is fairly simple and really underused. I used a mode where the Automator app simply records all your mouse pointer movements and repeats them any time you run the app that you created. This is just like using a tape recorder or sound recorder app. When you click the red round dot it starts recording. Go through all the steps you need the app to repeat. When finished click the black square to stop recording. Save this as an app in the Application folder. Go through the above steps to give the app permission to run. Then drag the app from the Applications folder onto the doc. Now whenever you want to run the app you click on the icon in the doc. NOTE: The Automator method relies on everything remaining in exactly the same place on your monitor screen. If you move the System Preferences etc it will stop working and you have to reprogram it.

I went one step further and created a neat icon for the app. In my case I copied the AirPlay icon. Press Command-Control-shift-4. Select the Airplay Icon from the menu bar. If you have PhotoShop you can use select and paint-bucket to make the icon red instead of black or blue. Once this is copied into your clipboard with the copy command, find your app in the Applications folder. Select it with one click. Press Command-i (Or select Get Info in the Finder > File menu). You will see the old icon in the top left corner of the info panel. Click on it once. It will light up. Now paste. This should replace the old icon symbol with the new one. Close File info. Now your app will have the new icon.

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