authentication problem printing from shared printer

Sep 9, 2014
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We've run into a printing problem that we've never seen before. Kyocera FS-1030D printers attached via usb to iMacs running 10.9.4 are shared with other similar iMac and MacBook Air computers. When others try to print to them they are ask to authenticate --never have had to do this before. No matter what user/password is used the print job fails to print. On iMacs and MacBook Airs where the printer has not been added via System Preferences, but connected to via the print dialog box when printing a document, those Kyocera FS-1030D printers are shown with a "lock" symbol before the name --note we have many other Kyocera printers but only this one model shows this issue nor do any of the HP, Cannon, or Xerox printers show that symbol. In fairness, only that model of Kyocera is shared from one computer to another, the others are all networked printers. So we think it might be something in the sharing process. We've tried updating the driver but since that model is a legacy model, if this is a driver issue, then we are stuck as it is unlikely that Kyocera will update a driver to address this issue. Question is, if this is a sharing issue, how to get rid of that locking symbol which should unlock the printer and allow unauthenticated printing.

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