Audio Jitter with XP bootcamp

Mar 6, 2010
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I have had this problem ever since i installed windows XP 32bit on my Macbook pro which i bought in 2008 - it 2.ghz with a 4gb ram upgrade

The Problem:
Cursor Lag and audio fuzz (its hard to explain what happens to the audio except it sounds like the sound is being slowed down and jittered and also sounds very tinny, like from cheap headphones) This happens at different intervals, it can start as soon as i boot the system up, an hour after use or not at all.

There is no pattern with this it tends to lag out on me randomly.

I notice it alot when i play games because there is audio all the time. but when genrally useing my computer e.g. on youtube the cursor starts to lag and the audio fuzzes.

I do notice that the laptop gets very hot but only like this on windows not on my mac osx.

Becuase of this i am wondering if it is a driver issue with the fans or something its just really annoying but the problem sometimes stops after i reboot but then starts again after a while.

I have installed all the drivers to make the thing work but i may have missed one out im not sure.

I do Not have this problem when i boot up on mac osx and i play games on that aswell, this shows me that is it not a hardware issue.

The Solution:
Well hopefully you guys can assist me here, i have been trying to put up with this but i finally snapped and decided to sort it out as it is extremely frustrating..

Thanks for contributions in advance :)

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