Attaching Lacie NAS via wireless

Apr 11, 2007
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I now have Lacie GigE bigdisk for back up. It is currently wired to my BT 2Wire (ADSL Gateway) and I can back up to the Lacie from my iMac with Superduper.

I would like to be able to attach the Lacie from the separate studio in my garden (that is my home office). I was going to use Ethernet over Power to the studio but the problem is that the home EoPower network terminates on my Corporate VPN router and not the BT 2Wire. I need it to go that way to support my home IP Telephone. I initially tried to get the Lacie to talk to the Mac via the VPN router but it seems as if there is no port to port connection via the VPN router possible and everything has to go via the VPN tunnel (I am guessing that last point...not 100% sure)

My best option for placing the Lacie remotely in the studio would seem to be wireless (or a very long run or armoured 10bT !!). I am wondering whether an Apple Airport Extreme can be configured to either repeat the existing BT 2Wire wireless network to the NAS or provide a routed connection to it ? I know that the Airport supports a remote NAS attached via Ethernet....I am just not 100% sure there is not a simpler solution

Thoughts ?

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