Attach My Book for Mac to USB port on WD Mycloud

May 29, 2006
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I have a feeling this is a long shot but I figured i would ask.

I have a WD 2TB My Cloud that is connected to my network. My Mac can see this over the network with no problem (it is not formatted for Mac).

I recently bought a My Book for Mac that is formatted for Mac and I have my iTunes and iMovie library on it. The problem i have is since i dont have a permanent desk at home I am constantly plugging it in when i get home from work then removing it when i go to bed.

I decided to plug the USB of the My Book for Mac to the USB port on the back of the WD My Cloud so that i can keep it on all the time without having to plug and unplug. When i browse the network, the My Book for Mac does show up under the WD My Cloud and i can browse the folders and copy to them. However when i try to point my iMovie library to it it says it can't. I imagine its because its either over the network or because its going through the WD My Cloud first which is not Mac formatted?

Has anyone tried this before and have a workaround or if i can mount it and make it look like a local volume?

I am able to point my iTunes to the My Book for Mac
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