ARGH!! iMac shuts down on boot of OSX!

Apr 11, 2010
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Hey all,

In need of serious assistance! last night my bootcamped iMac decided it wouldnt boot back into OsX from XP. I hadnt booted Xp in a while, then went to it for gaming, successfully switched between XP and OsX (by restarting) a couple of times. Now for whatever reason, when i select to boot osx, it goes to the apple logo screen, the spinning gear comes up, spins a couple of times, then the computer just clicks off (by clicks off i mean it makes that unique "computer off" click noise about a second before the screen goes black and everything turns off). I tried booting in safe-mode and does the same thing, i tried to boot from OSx Disc, still just turns off...

I am seriously worried for my baby, shes all i have ;(

Im sorry for the lack of details, im at work, and have the worst memory, i will update with comp specs etc if necessary. But i really need help guys, im lost without my iMac.

Thanks in advance

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