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ARG! Powerbook G4 startup issues



I primarily am a Win user but use mac at my job. I have a Powerbook G4 (OX 10.3.9) and have an issue I cant seem to fix. The mac gets stuck on the Apple Startup screen with spinning gears. I have reset the PRAM and have also tried starting up in safe mode. These both have not done anything. The issue started this morning after I spent half an hour troubleshooting with AOL. I trashed some preferences for AOL and reset the network to look for wireless by default. I took out the battery and tried restarting several times but I cant get it to do anything else. I have the Mac OSX v10.2 disks but am not sure what else to do. I dont mind erasing everything on this mac as it is not used that much. Its a little over a year old and in great shape. I am totally lost and would appreciate some help PLEEEEASE!
Sep 29, 2003
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Had a similar problem with my roommate last night. He has a PowerMac G4 and I have a Powerbook G4. We are both on the same network at home and last night neither of our computers would start up completely. The desktop background would load, but none of the desktop icons would load, and the spinning baloon would just keep going. I turned airport off and then the Powerbook stopped the spinning baloon and everything loaded immediately after i turned off airpot. I told my roommate to unplug his ethernet cable and he got the same result. The COMCAST internet network was down nationally last night and not being able to detect a network connection, the MAC's wouldn't load until it found an internet connection. Woke up this morning to test everything again and the internet was up and running and the computers started up fine. Just turn off your aiport and the computer should start properly.