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ApplePay and AppleCash: Why they grind my gears.

Oct 10, 2004
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Not 100% sure if this is the right forum since this more of a service than an App thing.

Caution:Rant ahead.

So yeah, I really want to like ApplePay and AppleCash but it feels, like lots of other things in the Appleverse these days, like Apple is trying hard to make them suck.

ApplePay: Great, I can use my phone to pay with my bank or Credit cards. This assumes that my bank has bothered with AppleCash at all. If I'm happy with my financial institutions, why should I change to use ApplePay? Sure it's convenient, but not compelling enough for me to move my banking elsewhere. Seems like Apple could push for greater acceptance. That aside, my financial institutions that do work with ApplePay are wonderful and I like the ease of not having to have my card on me in many cases. Yes, this is maybe a me problem and not as much an Apple problem, but it still needs work at being accepted by more financial institutions, especially if they are small regional Banks or Credit unions.

AppleCash: This is one that really grinds my gears. I can park cash with Apple so I can spend it on simple transactions with ApplePay! Holy crap that is AWESOME! It's like parking money with Starbucks, I can just go buy coffee and not worry about about it! Oh, wait, no I can't. I can't, that is, unless the vendor that accepts ApplePay has set up their system through Discover card services. If they haven't set it up throughout that single system, and even if they accept Discover cards, that money parked in AppleCash does me no good for the purchase of good and services. The list of places I'm running across that don't take AppleCash (but does take ApplePay) seems to be getting larger daily when I try to use it. Great. Why am I parking cash that I can't use (and that someone is banking interest on) with them at all? Apple need to fix this one and it's a no brainer. Partner with more companies and services to make Apple Cash more widely accepted and not just a few. It's great for paying my cousin for my Uncles Birthday present, but if I can't just use it electronically for commercial goods and services and have to move the money back to my bank (for a fee or wait a few days), it's basically worthless.

This is the kind of stuff that I feel that Apple hasn't bothered to excel in since Steve passed. It's like they don't care if their **** is mediocre at best, simple "good enough" seems to be their new MO.



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Jul 17, 2009
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ApplePay like Android/SamsungPay is an NFC thing supported by the point of sale systems where you can use your normal credit cards in digital form. Discovery, VISA, Mastercard and AmEx are all accepting of this and the various places that issues VISA and Mastercard cards all realize/acknowledge the ApplePay connection once the card is loaded. I don't understand your issue with this one, it largely depends on whether the POS you are at supports ApplePay or not, a lot of them do, but some vendors haven't updated their POS' yet and so you have to stick with your regular card.

Some vendors haven't even updated to use the chip readers and rely on the swipe, not Apple's or any other card issuers fault.

AppleCash on the other hand is primarily more of a Venmo-style money transferring things where you can load money into it, and send it to another iPhone users through messages. A VERY small handful of places where you can pay with ApplePay within their app allow you use AppleCash instead (Panera is one that I use and comes to mind).

However, if you use an AppleCard, the cash back rewards go to AppleCash and then you transfer that to your bank account.

AppleCash, I don't believe, was meant to be used to pay for things like a credit card to begin with.

PS, moved to right sub-forum.
Jan 1, 2009
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Winchester, VA
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I think you are misusing the AppleCash offering and then complaining about it not working well how you want to misuse it. AppleCash is to transfer money, not store it. Two different things and not what you described. I use ApplePay all the time, particularly through my  Watch. Cashiers are still surprised when I pay with my watch. I guess they don't expect a 74 year old man to understand the technology.

As for AppleCash, as I said, it's not for parking money for you to use later, it's for transferring money to another iPhone user. There is no reason to park money on AppleCash just for you to use later. Use ApplePay instead, then pay off the card as soon as the bill comes in and avoid the interest charges.