APPLE TV vs. Airport express device switching?

Oct 4, 2012
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So here's the deal, I want to be able to seamlessly switch between devices (2 iphones, ipad, and mac) for airplay audio. I have an apple tv in my basement and it does this perfectly. If I play a song on my wifes phone and then play one on mine, hers stops and it starts streaming from mine. No hiccups, no problems.

So I purchased an airport express for my upstairs sonos system so we can have this functionality shared between all of our iOS devices and our mac. It's nice to be able to stream audio from any source. But the airport express functions differently than an apple tv. When one device is playing, the others aren't allowed to interrupt the stream and play what's on their device. You have to pause on one device and then wait some time before being able to play something else. I realize this is first world problems, but why the different functionality for both being Airplay devices?

I know a fix for this would be to convert the optical audio out of the apple tv to analog and plug in sonos and we could have this style functionality, but is there a way to make the airport express switch between devices seamlessly? There's no reason for it to be functioning the way it does.


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