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Apple Store Opens in Ohio Friday

Oct 27, 2002
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Cleveland, Ohio
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HOORAY for Me!!!

Source: MacCentral.com

Apple is opening two new retail locations in Lyndhurst, Ohio and San Diego, Calif. this Friday, just in time for its release of Mac OS X v10.3, "Panther."

The Lyndhurst store -- Ohio's third Apple Store -- comes to Legacy Village, located at 24393 Cedar Road in Lyndhurst, Ohio. The store's grand opening event is scheduled for 10AM Eastern Time on Friday, October 24.

Apple's second San Diego location is at 4505 La Jolla Village Drive in University Town Center (UTC), adjacent to the outdoor food court seating area, and it opens to the public at 8PM Pacific Time on Friday, October 24th.

Both new stores feature Grand Opening Sweepstakes, where entrants have a chance to win an iMac, digital camera and camcorder and inkjet printer. What's more, both new locations have plenty of workshops and ongoing presentations to help Mac users new and experienced get the most from their hardware and software. And the first 1,000 people in the door at both stores will ge a free Apple t-shirt to commemorate the store's opening.

Like other Apple Stores participating in the Panther release event scheduled for this Friday, the new Legacy Village and UTC locations will be open until midnight. Visit the Apple Store Web site for more details, locations and times near you.
Jun 11, 2003
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Mount Vernon, WA
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Yeah for me also! Although the one in Fashion Valley is still a bit closer and better than the UTC one :)

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