Apple Mail adding addresses to AOL Mail - Problems?

Jul 2, 2008
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I have been using the Mac Email application since i received my MacBook Pro and like it a lot

I have 2 emails accounts that i use and both are AOL accounts. Account A, whenever i receive ANY mail, be it spam or something useful, the persons email is stored into my email list in AOL, so after a month or so, i have a couple hundred new addresses stored into my AOL email phone book list, while account B, this does not happen... any advice?

My emails settings for both account A and B on AOL are the same. And from what i can tell both accounts are the same on the Apple Mail application as well.

Basically i would like the email addresses NOT to be stored in my address book, either if i respond or do not, i just DONT want the emails to be added unless i physically add them myself

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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