Aperature 2 - duplicate events / multiple faces

Dec 20, 2008
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Sydney, Australia
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emac, G4 laptop, G5, imac 2.4Ghz intel duo,

I one of the lucky few who just purchased ap2 just weeks before the Ap3 release. oh well...

I am unsure how but I have duplicate events in my newly imported A2 library...thousands of duplicated photo's. rang uup apple and they indicate i would have to go thru and delete those i do not want.

the other weird thing is that when i was iphoto somehow it went crazy and went thru and "grabbed" / recognised a whole bunch of faces from the photo's. i went thru and deleted them all from iphoto but now they have resurfaced in this newly created library.

history is that upon purchase of a new computer i migrated iphoto library and then had a problem and lost the lot but had time capsule and got them back again. all this i figure has something to do with my problem.

is there anything that recognises duplicates or something.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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