Anyone Know Why Youtube Is So Strange On My New Macbook

Apr 10, 2010
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Hi, I don't know if I have posted in the correct discussion area, but here goes.

About a month and a half ago I purchased a new Macbook with Snow Leopard.

I downloaded firefox 3.6 for browsing, things were pretty good.

Then a few weeks later Youtube and sometimes ebay would take forever to load.
I can watch videos on Youtube but the pages and channels take forever to load, most of the time the pages don't load at all. I can see the text that accompanies the video but I can't see the thumbnails or screenshots that your supposed to see all over youtube, also backgrounds for Youtube Channels rarely appear.
The load bar never seems to get to 100%

I have contacted my ISP all line tests show I get very decent speeds.
I have also checked my speed using online tests.
I have cleared history, cache, cookies.
I have downloaded the most recent Flash Player.
I have made the repairs in Disk Utility
I have tried Safari (same problem)
I have Reset Routers & connections.

It doesn't matter what time of day I use the site I get the same problem.

I also have a XP PC at home and can still use youtube perfectly well.
I also have an XP PC in work with a poor connection and can still use Youtube ok.

Any help would be most appreciated


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