Any way to get rid of drown history menu in the address bar in Safari

Feb 3, 2008
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Is there any way to get rid of the history menu that displays below the address bar in Safari? There has to be a way to to this.

What I'm talking about, just to be clear, are the various sections -- like Top hit, Google search, History, etc. That always appears as soon as you type an address into the search bar.

Seems be there has to be a way to do this; but I can't find it. To be honest this feature drives me nuts.

I'm in Yosemite if that makes any difference, but it's been there in Mavericks too.
Jan 20, 2012
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North Carolina
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Hello - I use Google search in Safari (Yosemite) - I'm assuming that you mean the window that opens below the search bar once text is entered (like in my first screen capture below) - correct? If so, I went into Safari Preferences -> Search where all boxes were checked (second screen capture) - removed the checks, quit Safari and re-opened the browser - the search suggestions still appeared! Thought that would work but I guess not - did not try logging out and back into my account or re-booting - not sure that would help.

Now, you could select another search engine (I've only used Google) but I'm sure the same suggestion window will appear - hopefully others may 'chime in' - BTW, that window has never bothered me but I must say that I rarely use its contents - guess I'm just indifferent to its presence. Dave :)

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